Vision and values



Serve our communities with “…an unswerving commitment to ensure every young person achieves their goals, whatever their circumstances”



A community focussed, values based, learning organisation that meets the needs of all its members so that all will achieve.



1. To respect, honour and promote your identity

We will celebrate your individual identity and promote your achievements within our wider Learning Partnership. We will value your contributions and ensure you feel part of a family where your voice counts. We will support you to positively express the contribution you make to improve children’s life chances. 

2. To believe in you and empower you

We will value your strengths and support you to overcome your weaknesses. We will believe in your aspirations and through collaboration and strong networking, will help you to achieve your goals. We will help you innovate, grow stronger and push the boundaries. Respecting the principle of subsidiarity, decisions will be delegated wherever possible so they are taken as close as possible to those affected by them. Your autonomy will be at the heart of all our decisions and we will always show you how we have taken this into account. Together we will ensure that decisions are taken which inspire all that pass through our learning community.  We will believe in you, praise you and encourage you.

3. To listen to you.

We will take the time to listen to you, respect you and understand your views. We will strive to get things right first time; if we don’t, we want you to tell us. We will use your feedback to help us improve and will let you know when we change things in response to your feedback. We will clearly explain our reasons for our actions and if we don’t agree with you, we will explain why.  We will provide easy access to a complaints process and ensure that you are fairly treated and respected. We will always be professional and polite and will deal with any enquiries you may have as quickly as possible.

4. To keep you informed.

We will give you information as you want it and as you need it. We will provide clear communication channels and clear guidance on the services you can expect from us. We will support you with accessing this information and ensure it is accurate and up to date. We recognise that clear, concise communication is paramount to our collective success and will ensure that it underpins everything we do.  

5. To support you.

We will make it our responsibility to understand your needs. We will offer all the support we can to help you address your needs. We will tailor our services around the common needs that exist within our schools, ensuring we are the best we can be.  If we cannot meet your needs internally, we will work with you to source providers that can. We will actively promote school-to-school support across the Academy Trust and give you the opportunities to support others, share your best practice and work collaboratively. We will help you assess yourselves and give you the tools to help you improve.